Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Parasite corner

Here at the Yes, parasites are very cool. For instance, check out this cricket, forced, for reasons beyond its ken, to the water, whereby this happens:


Barrie said...

What in blazes is "cool" about having some monstrously long turd-worm spool forth from your rectal cavity, taking half your guts with it, and leaving you to either drown or simply float to death***?

Poor cwicket.

*** Much more painful and less zen than it sounds.

lee said...

Because, probably due to some horrendous inability to empathise with our orthopteran friends, I'm only see the monstrous Giger-esque sci-fi horror mind-fuckery, rather than the notional suffering and despair of an animal with only a rudimentary nervous system. I would surely feel different if this was happening to, say, Alan Carr.