Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not long now...

The media's getting a little bit excited about Season 5 of The Wire any minute now (not on a proper channel though. On FX, which also shows The Colbert Report. It just makes me to bite my own chin off with fury that execs from the main channels must have looked at both shows and passed on them. Startlingly, these people are still in employment. The world is a cold and worrying place. Anyway...)

Now comes a tricky dance: since we're going to watch this on DVD when it comes out in a couple of months, we have to make sure we don't learn what happens. I'm sure this won't be as tricky as it was for those Sopranos fans who had to wait to catch the last episode (my god: that last episode) but it still means I have to be very careful reading any interviews, profiles, think-pieces etc.

That said, here's an interview with the marvelous Dominic West, McNulty of the Baltimore parish, and also the treacherous senator in 300 ("this is going to hurt"). He went to Eton! He was an acrobat! Most astonishingly of all: he's British! Next you'll be telling me that Stringer Bell's from Sarf London. What's that? Oh.

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