Thursday, July 17, 2008

Only a year to go...

Until Zak Snyder's Watchmen sees the light of day. Will this be the first Alan Moore adaptation they don't balls up royally? Whither a celluloid Lost Girls? And — please God — they will be taking out the Smashing Pumpkins track, right?


Barrie said...

Jeepers, that was ace!

Apart from it leaves me with fack all sense of the plot.

What's it about, a fancy dress party gone horrubly wrung or something?

Or should I read the book before I watch the trailer?

lee said...

*Apparently* they made the trailer purposefully just like every other superhero film trailer ever...right down to the crappy tune. Idea being that the finished film will mess with expectations something kronic. On the other hand, that could just be what they're telling the fanboys (I suppose I must include myself).

You have of course read the book and I don't believe you if you say otherwise.

Barrington said...

You give me book, I read he.