Friday, January 25, 2008

Burial - 'Archangel'

I've returned from some five years in the wilderness (Australia since you ask), fetching up in the sunlit uplands of the UK. After travelling for a couple of months in China and Japan, we arrived in London in the middle of the one the coldest snaps I can remember (or maybe it's always been that cold in Winter, and I had somehow forgotten).

Since then, I've been working in Paddington, walking the streets, a grimy mixture of dirty main roads and gleaming canal-side developments. And this Burial track, which I'm sure has been written about to death elsewhere, has been the perfect accompaniment. It's an urban masterpiece, the sound of disembodiment, of ghosts howling in the machine.


So, after wondering the globe for the last five years, I've returned to the sunlit uplands of the UK, where all is bright and marvellous, oh yes!

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Monday, January 21, 2008

The trouble with science 1

Actually that should be the trouble with scientists. The more one is able to see the patterns and themes that make the universe work, the more one hates to rely on interpretations, anything that might smack of the artistic.

So while I love the work of the Evolutionary Psychologists, their tendency to rubbish Freud at every turn seems a little like tunnel vision.

Fortunately we have Adam Phillips to mount a typically paradoxical defence: Freud?