Friday, March 27, 2009

Video: Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart (2009)

It someone seems wrong to describe oneself as a "fan" of The Knife. God knows, we absolutely caned their last two albums of bone-chilling hardcore horror techno pop (that's right), with Silent Shout being my album of 2006 (at the gym, it was a headphone tonic to all that aspirational house they pump in to really make you "go for it!"). It struck me as formally perfect and terrifying with it, much like the electronic wails which play over the opening credits to The Shining: somehow and at the same hugely addictive and massively bowel-loosening. I'm fairly sure this some our their pitch-shifting effects are outlawed by the Geneva Convention. But a fan? Seems like the wrong word. Maybe acolyte?

Anyway, singer Karin has a new project called Fever Ray. An album review will follow if I can get hold of a copy; in the meantime, here's the video for the single. That still is so Knife perfect it's almost a cliche. Still, I'm keeping the lights on tonight.

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shana h said...

Absolutely love The Knife - there's something so menacing about her voice. Their music. What's with that pounding at the start of 'Silent Shout'. What? Who's there? Very Telltale Heart.

Have found that singing their praises and pushing the album onto other people can cause some strange looks by your friends. Her voice is either a 'you love it or you don't' experience. But who doesn't love the Siamese cats in 101 Dalmatians?