Monday, June 18, 2007

Chemical Brothers - We Are The Night

In which the Chemical Brothers continue their ineluctable slide toward the awful. I've given it a few tries now, and the question keeps coming up: when and why would I listen to this? When it's sonically affecting (which is not often), I still can't help wonder what I could be listening to that would deliver the same payoff at least twice as hard. The beats used to fun or hard or dirty or some thrilling combination of the three; now they mostly just sit there. The psychedelia, already largely in retreat with Push The Button, has all but disappeared, and the songs just aren't memorable enough.

The title track never gets going, the Midlake track is banal, and I never want to hear the nonsense with Willy Mason or god help us the Klaxons again. Easily the most enjoyable track is The Salmon Song with Fatlip, and that's the one that sounds least like the Chems. Maybe I need to listen a few more times. It's just that right now, doing that sounds like a chore; something I never thought I'd be saying about a Chems album.


Barrington said...

What d'ya make of the most recent Willy Mason ablum? It landed on my desk at the same time as Bright Eyes' last: i thought one was ace, the other disgustingly average.

Tom said...

You Chemicals haters are obviously a little past it these days. I must have listened to it at least 20 times and it's definarley their best work yet. The one thing you have got right is that The Salmon Dance is's genius: swimming to 'Japan or Balham'!!

More xx.

lee said...

I haven't heard tha Willy Mason album - so it's not just catatonically average schmindie? hmmm. OK.