Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Camille @ The Roundhouse

Sunday, and to Camille in North London. Her backing, uh, 'band' was extraordinary, what with the beat boxing, chest slapping, floor stomping, slinky dancing (mostly from the beat-boxing fellow, it should be said. Camille did a great deal of thrashing about of a decidedly unslinksome nature) and general air of Gallic cool. Camille herself sung herself into the ground, but you sensed there wasn't a great spark between the audience and her. Maybe it's just a London crowd waiting to be impressed, who can say?

We left midway through the first encore, which meant we missed a very special guest who was dragged from the audience. To think: we went all the way to London, and missed Mr Jamie Cullum. Tragic.


MisterBarrington said...

Wowzers, did I ever oversell this one. All I can say is, she was great in Barcelona.

'Nuff about Camille. Worrabout Elbow??

lee said...

Oversell? Not a bit of it. She and her band were great. I'm just complaining that she didn't communicate much with the crowd. So it seemed to me.

Elbow were as fantastical as you might expect. Fifth time I've seen them, probably the best too.

shana_hills said...

Well, she did communicate with the crowd somewhat, mostly to give the english speakers a hard time for not being bilingual... Performance itself was indeed awesome though - didn't oversell at all.