Monday, June 30, 2008

Jay-Z - Wonderwall

Oh me of little faith. Jay-Z at Glasters was, from the smattering of small screen footage we caught, the gig of the year (helps that we failed to turn up to the MBV gig). I really didn't know how many songs I'd absorbed iPod-wise; moreover, I couldn't have guessed how transfigured these songs would be live. My god, this guy can rap (yeah, yeah, I know. It's hardly news).

Better yet, he told Noel where to get off:

But just as I was writing this (faintly drunkenly and with dangerously low blood sugar), Marcello wrote this magnificent piece. It's too perfect too pick out a quote. But let me try:

I think, therefore, you'll gather that Saturday was a glorious strawberry and absinthe lollipop of a F*CK YOU...

Go read.

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killer bob said...

I agree. Jay-Z totally stuck it to the man. I'm not really sure how Noel bounces back from that one. Perhaps he doesn't. Perhaps he just keeps his head down and hopes we will forget. That gig blew me away and am now a 5 day-old Jay-Z convert. Peace.