Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Bonny goodness

In honour of this man and his furious truth, I thought I'd post the following clip. I don't think I could wilfully underplay just how much that Friday's particular parade of reprobates, ne'erdowells and mediocrities stank up the Jools Holland that this clip's taken from.

But it all turned out alright in the end:


killer bob said...

The line-ups of recent "...Laters" have been dull to say the least. Friday's line-up left me speechless in this respect, though not as speechless as when I saw the artwork for the new Sigur Ros album this afternoon.

lee said...

You're more than right Mr Killer. There have been some absolute shockers. If I say that Paul Weller was the best thing about last Friday's, you'l begin to see how pissweak it's been.

And, yes, what on EARTH is going on with that Sigur Ros album cover??? I'm sure it will be good, but wuh???