Friday, March 21, 2008

Amazon reviews

From the hilarious world of reviews. Read this review of Carol J. Adams's The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist Vegetarian Critical Theory. and remember to feel bad, WIFE-BEATER!

I was so moved by this extraordinary text. Interrogating the assumptions of white male Women beaters/meat eaters, this important work examines how the white dominating and oppressive culture dictates that the eating of meat is 'good' and even 'necessary', subject Peoples of Color to dietary regimes alien to their own subjectivities. As the writer notes, there is considerable resistance among patriarchal-dominated discourses to vegetarianism. This resistance is a form of textual rape, to be combatted by a 'taste of their own medicine': "A vegetarian writer may express feelings about textual violation by referring to images of butchered animals and raising the issue of dismemberment." A wonderful book, highly recommended.


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shana_hills said...

F*ck me. That review was a form of textual rape...

I'm a female AND I was a vegetarian, and I still don't know what she's going on about.